Which shape has only a curved surface?

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There are many shapes in geometry, but some have only curved surfaces. These shapes are called cylinders, spheres, and discs.Cylinders have two flat and often parallel surfaces, while the two other shapes are curved throughout.  In geometry, a cylinder can be defined as a circular prism with two equal and opposite faces. A sphere is …

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What is CSA of cuboid and cylinder?

CSA of cuboid and cylinder is the process of measuring the Cubic Shapeted Area. This is done by first measuring the length, width and height of the object. Then, the formula for CSA is applied to calculate the total area. The CSA of a cuboid is equal to the product of its length, width and …

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Why CSA of cylinder is 2πrh?


Introduction The CSA (cross sectional area) of a cylinder is 2πrh. But why? It seems like such an arbitrary number, and you may be wondering how anyone ever came up with it in the first place. In this blog post, we will explore the reasoning behind the CSA of a cylinder. We will also look …

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What is curved surface area formula?

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The formula for the curved surface area of a three-dimensional object is the product of its circumference and its height. In mathematical terms, this is written as: S=2πrh Where S is the surface area, π is 3.14159… (pi), r is the radius of the object, and h is the height of the object. This formula …

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